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Emergency info

Emergency info

Electrum laboratory




SOS Alarm

Phone: 070-648 60 32
This number reaches Electrum Operation group at all times. The purpose with this support, beside Electrum laboratory:s need to respond to automatic SMS alarms, is:
  1. Receive help. The help may be advisory over the phone or physical assistance.
  2. Report incidents. This should be done regardless of what consequences followed the incident.
  3. If the rescue services have been called upon, whatever the reason, this should be reported.
  4. Reporting technical faults or discrepancies concerning the operation of the cleanroom.

EECS plan for crisis management

Phone: 112
Rescue services (fire brigade, ambulance)
Be prepared to answer the following questions:
  1. What has happened? – Why do you need help?
  2. Where are you? You are at
    ELECTRUMLABORATORIET, Isafjordsgatan 24
    This is the address to the main entrance to Electrum from Isafjordsgatan.
  3. Who are you? State your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.There is a telephone on the table below the stairs to the cafeteria, next to the alarm central; 08-7904276.

Information about poisonings

Giftinformationscentralen call 112 and ask for  Poison Information (Giftinformation)

Safety organization Insatsplan Electrumlaboratoriet acr061218

Material Safety Data Sheets (skyddsblad)

in LIMS (Info/chemical list)

 Klara chemical register
Hantering av gasflaskor i nödsituationer Färgmärkning av gasflaskor (Air liquide)

In other situations than emergency contact operation group  at Electrum Laboratory



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