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Johan Andersson

     Johan Andersson


Processing competence: Has worked with numerous silicon related projects, mostly MEMS applications including deep ASE plasma etching, surface profiling, bonding, contact lithography, oxidation/diffusion, LPCVD/PECVD deposition, metallization and wet chemistry etching (TMAH and KOH silicon etching), both for internal research groups as well as commercial companies.

Main tool responsibilities include DWL laser lithography, Centrotherm LPCVD furnaces and surface profiling.


Tel: +46 31 772 50 55

Mobile: +46 73 034 6292

List of tools where Johan Andersson is tool responsible

 NameTypeTool Id
DetailsSurface profiler - Tencor P15Surface profilometer108
DetailsWafer Inspection System - IR 127
DetailsSpinner - Suss RCD8 209
DetailsSteam production 90100
DetailsFlammable gases 90200
DetailsScrubbers 90400
DetailsCorrosive gases 90201
DetailsToxic gases 90202
DetailsInert gases 90203
DetailsDI Water system 90900
DetailsFan exhaust systems, floor 9 91000