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Piotr Jedrasik

     Piotr Jedrasik

Processing competence: Has expertise in electron beam lithography processing and process optimization in deep sub-micron range. Proximity effects compensation based on experimental and theoretical proximity function evaluation. Proximity compensated three dimensional pattering for diffractive optical elements fabrication. Sub-micron pattern transfer by wet and dry plasma/ion etching. State-of-the-art sub-20nm negative and positive pattering by electron beam lithography.

Tel: +46 31 772 49 86

Mobile: +46 70 3088986

List of tools where Piotr Jedrasik is tool responsible

 NameTypeTool Id
DetailsSoftware - SPM/AutoCAD 140
DetailsSoftware - Proxecco proximity correction 1400
DetailsOzone Cleaning - NovascanOzone Cleaning130
DetailsSEM - Zeiss Supra 60 VP - EDXSEM116
DetailsSpectrometer EDX - IXRF 117
DetailsSPM - Bruker Dimension 3100Scanning Probe Microscope132
DetailsSEM - Zeiss Supra 55 - EDX 115
DetailsSEM - Zeiss Gemini 560 150
DetailsSEM- Zeiss Sigma 360 151