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Wet processes

  Wet Processes
Wet processing, i.e., processing with liquid chemicals (solvents, acids or bases), is regularly used for surface cleaning to certify a reproducible result in a subsequent deposition process, such as epitaxial growth, thin deposition or oxidation.

Wet processing could also be used in photoresist processing or to etch topographic structures.

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(Extract from LIMS)
DetailsRinser 2VerteqVerteq
DetailsWetb Si processWet bench oxideWet bench oxide,HF 1:10,BHF,HFmix
DetailsWetb Si stripWet bench developerPhotoresist processing.
DetailsWetb APLWet benchWet bench
DetailsWetb MEMSWet benchTMAH, HF, KOH
DetailsWetb metalWet benchAu/metal etch
DetailsWetb solventWet benchRemover, Vax, Au module
DetailsWetb Au developWet benchWet bench
DetailsWet-ChemistryWet chemistryIntroduktion
DetailsW2631Wet benchWet bench spray etch (GaAs).
DetailsW3233Wet benchWet bench lift off.
DetailsW34Wet benchWet bench Lithografi
DetailsFH APLFume hoodFume hood
DetailsWetb Solvent cleanWet bench Substrate cleaning
DetailsWetb APL-gulWet benchWet bench
DetailsRinser 1VerteqVerteq
DetailsR/D doubleSemitoolSemitool Double 870S
DetailsR/D 3VerteqVerteq
DetailsFH III/VPM PlastDragskåp
DetailsR/D Gul1FSI PhoenixFSI Phoenix 4"
DetailsFH wet chemistry-1PM PlastDragskåp solvent & acid (for service work)
DetailsR/D GoldFSI PhoenixFSI Phoenix 4" Au/Lift-Off
DetailsFH wet chemistry-2 (solvent)PM PlastDragskåp solvent
DetailsFH wet chemistry-3PM PlastDragskåp solvent and acid
DetailsFH wet chemistry-4PM PlastDragskåp solvent
DetailsFH wet chemistry-5 (solvent)PM PlastDragskåp solvent
DetailsFH wet chemistry-6PM PlastDragskåp solvent
DetailsMegasonic bathPCTPCT 24 wet bench
DetailsFH epi servicePM PlastDragskåp för epi rengöring
DetailsWetb SabinaPM Plast2 HP, Developer, Sink
DetailsFH wet chemistry-7PM PLastDragskåp
DetailsFH wet chemistry-8PM PlastDragskåp
DetailsSSE SprayetsSSESprayets
DetailsSSECVeccoSSEC 3300
DetailsFH ServicePM plastFume hood for service
DetailsWetb Al etchWet benchEtching
DetailsBragePM PlastFume hood
DetailsNannaPM PlastFume hood
Details5175 DS-1burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5175 DS-2burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5175 DS-3burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-1burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-2burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-3burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-4burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-5burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-6burdinolaOR-ST 1500
Details5269 DS-7burdinolaOR-ST 1500


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