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Primateria AB

Contact: Dr. Rickard Gåhlin

Primateria is offering an overall solution in surface engineering by:

• Technical consulting
• Analysis
• Surface preparation
• Intermediary services.

Primateria AB is an independent company partly owned by Uppsala University Holding Company.

Technical consulting

Primateria provides customers with knowledge about how their tools and components should be designed to manage the tribological demands of the application. Important parameters: expected life-time, friction demands, productivity. 


Common types of investigations are, e.g. breakdown investigations of tools and components to find out questions like how and why. Further, Primateria typically performs analyses of friction and wear mechanisms to come up with a diagnose of the situation to be able to give recommendations for improvements. Most analysis is performed by using the MSL laboratory at Uppsala University.

 Prima treatment                        Prima treatment

A cutting edge with coating adhesion problems (left) and a cross section analyse of a tool with a cracked coating on a steel surface (right). 

Surface preparation

Primateria treats tools and components for optimal function using the unique Prima treatments. The result is often a life time many times greater than for the standard tool. In addition, the reliability of the tool will be improved drastically. The treatment will also give a large visual difference between a Prima treated drill and a standard drill.

Primateria also develops custom made equipment for surface preparation of tools and components for optimal function and cost efficiency.


Visual result of the Prima treatment on a drill (left) and a custom made equipment for Prima treatment (right). 

Intermediary services

Primateria offers services within coating technology (e.g. PVD, CVD, hard chrome, chemical nickel etc.) and further within surface treatments (e.g. heat treatment, nitriding, carburizing, lazer hardening etc.).